Margaret River is a very spectacular holiday destination that is located in Western Australia; approximately 300kms from the city of Perth. This is an area blessed with attractive landscapes (including caves), mediterranean maritime climate and a huge variety of wines to choose from. It would be indeed justifiable to say that this is a fantastic place to visit; which has all the qualities of a perfect holiday all in one.
The wine culture here began 40 years ago and this time has been a complete turnaround for Margaret River from a small town to being a much sought after tourist destination, having the distinction of being one of the top wine producing regions in the world. This region is home to over 200 vineyards and 90 wineries. The Margaret River wine region stretches for about 120 km from North to South and about 30 km from East to West. The area accounts for twenty percent of Australia’s premium wines and is world famous for its lovely features. Actually wine is the backbone of Margaret River area and all activities revolve around it in and around the wineries.

Margaret River is a pleasant destination with a wide selection of delicious delicacies to accompany the selected wines. One can choose from simple home cooked dinners to elaborate spreads laid out by trained experienced chefs who are known for their creativity with food. There are many beautiful restaurants located on vineyards where travelers can enjoy a sumptuous meal in the midst of natural beauty.
There is a “Margaret River Wine Region Festival” which is held in April each year. This would be a great time to enjoy the spirit of Margaret River and all that it has to offer.

Margaret River is not only known for its wine. It provides all the facilities and entertainment that a tourist looks for on a vacation. Nature has been very kind to the river which has in turn made this lovely town a perfect holiday destination; surrounded by fine-looking vineyards, lovely beaches and loads of entertainment where travelers can just unwind and enjoy to the fullest.

Surfing is a popular sport here as it draws a huge number of surfers; both amateurs and professionals, who come together to make the most of the huge waves and clean beaches available. The Margaret River Classic and the Margaret River Pro are events that bring in a large number of tourists and surfing enthusiasts from all over the world. This does not mean it is a region for surfers alone as the events range from surfing, golf, diving, sailing, bush walking, shopping etc just to mention a few of the available opportunities.
The area also has accommodation of all types ready to suit the individual budgets and preferences of the tourists.

Margaret River is a jewel in Western Australia and once you are here, the charm and magic is sure to cast its spell on you.

Taking a trip down memory lane (its history), you will find out how the Margaret River’s surrounding  was chosen for what was at that time a highly experimental exercise through studies undertaken in 1955 because of concerns about the viability of the Swan Valley wine industry, which was under attack from nematodes and virus diseases and whose future looked less than promising at the time. Dedicated and erudite research was performed and the findings and proposals made led to the brilliant outcome it now is. While still on its history, you will learn that the Margaret River is presumed to be named after Margaret Wyche, cousin of John Garrett Bussell (founder of Busselton) in 1831.

There’s perhaps no better destination in Australia to kick back and unwind surrounded by nature, beautiful vineyards and glorious coastline, including some of the best surf and beaches. Lucky visitors can lose themselves in the ultimate get-away, completely refreshing body and soul.

The region has a stunning array of accommodation options available; be it luxury retreats, trendy hotels for group or family accommodation, bed and breakfast budget lodgings, caravan and camping grounds, holiday houses and rentals and so forth, the Margaret River Region offers something for every traveler.

All in all, the region would be a fantastic choice for a holiday destination which will certainly satisfy all your adventurous nature and sure enough you will be mesmerized by the natural attractions available; whatever your interest, the Margaret River has it all.

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