In the northern region of Western Australia, you will find the city of Broome. It is a remote town that is on the coastline of the Indian ocean. It is also the largest and the most popular area in the larger Kimberley region. With time it has gained popularity as a tourist destination.

Broome has a very unique history, and culturally rich that makes it a very attractive tourist destination. The great coastal features, the beaches, and great weather, is a big plus to the tourist friendly portfolio of Broome.

There are only two seasons in Broome the wet and the dry season. The wet comes from November to about April. The dry comes from May to October. Most people visit Broome during the dry season because you are more likely to enjoy more outdoor activities such as camping, taking walks, when it is dry.

Broome came up as a result of the discovery of the Pinctada Maxima, largest pearl oyster shell in the world in the Roebuck Bay in 1861. This great discovery was soon to be known by many who were interested in oysters. Within no time divers who collect pearls flocked Broome and before long this little town had began growing as trade of the pearls increased. Broome is still a world leader when it comes to the quality of pearls even today.


There are several activities to enjoy in Broome it doesn’t matter your age, Broome has got something for everyone. A walk on the famous cable beach would be an experience to relish forever. This is a beach with snow white sand on the shores of the Indian Ocean. It is one of the best spots to enjoy sunset.

The Gantheaume Point is another spectacular attraction. This is where the red stone cliffs spread out into the sea. If you have never seen dinosaur footprints, this is the place to visit especially during low tide.

Chinatown is a must stop in Broome as well. There are several Chinese eateries. The finest of pearl showrooms also are found in Chinatown. Another activity that you can engage in while in Broome is visit one of the working pearl farms where you will get to learn in detail the history of this lovely city and the process of preparing the pearls.

Buddha’s Sanctuary is another place for someone who wants some quiet time to reflect on issues and meditate. There are great gardens here that are well kept and a crystal carving of Buddha.

Another magnificent place to visit in Broom is the Japanese Cemetery, where more than 900 hundred divers were buried. These deaths occurred especially when diving was still unrefined and protective gear was not sophisticated enough. Many pearl divers lost their lives in those days. You will also get to learn more about these years of dangerous diving in Broome.

The Kimberly Coast is a must visit. This is located north of Broome where you will get an experience of a lifetime. Some of the activities you can indulge in here are fishing on a boat off the shores of Cable beach or In Port of Broome. The Kimberly coast is a site to marvel.

Broome is one great place to visit. The long drive on the coastal road as enjoyable as the destination Broome. Though it is a little in the interior, it is that remoteness that gives it an authentic feel and a treat to many who visit Broome.

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  1. It is often mistakenly thought that the first European to visit Broome was William Dampier in 1688, but he only visited the north of what was later named the Dampier Peninsula. In 1699 he explored the coast from Shark Bay to La Grange Bay, from where he headed north leaving the Australian coast. Many of the coastal features of the area were later named for him. In 1879, Charles Harper suggested that the pearling industry could be served by a port closer to the pearling grounds and that Roebuck Bay would be suitable. In 1883, John Forrest chose the site for the town, and it was named after Sir Frederick Broome , the Governor of Western Australia from 1883 to 1889.

  2. Gold Price says:

    Pearling still remains a thriving industry and the world famous South Sea pearls feature in Chinatown’s string of pearl galleries. Broome’s climate is also something to boast about with warm sunny days, balmy nights and spectacular storms during the tropical summer season. Not to mention the unforgettable spectacle of sunset on Cable Beach . The coastline of Australia’s North West near Broome is quite breathtaking with notable landmarks including Gantheaume Point with it’s dinosaur footprints and Anastacia’s Pool. The contrast between the tropical blue water and the coloured rocks lining the shore is a great sight.

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