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Here you will find information on travel, accommodation, flights, tours, restaurants, thing to do and attractions. Why not be part of the discussions and post your comments on your travels to such places as America or Australia. We shall be updating the blog with the latest information on travel and related services. Thank you for visiting. […]

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The hub of the city’s commercial and financial affairs, the Central Business District of the city of Sydney is a very strategic point. It is one of the most popular places tourists indulge in when they visit Sydney. It’s an area that harbors very major tourist attractions sites and various activities that someone on holiday […]

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Fleurieu Peninsula This is one region in the south of Adelaide with a diverse landscape and offers vast coastlines with beautiful beaches, rolling Mt Lofty ranges, ancient vineyards and farmland communities. The middle and south parts of the coast of the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula are a great place for expert surfers. The frequent swells in […]

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This is a wonder feature that is located in Western Australia. It is specifically stretches over 100km south of Coral Bay and north towards Exmouth .  Ningaloo means ‘Point of Land’. This is one of the wonders of the world that has been preserved over the years. It is a coral reef that runs over […]

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The city of Fremantle is more or less a “port city” located in Western Australia. From its history, you will realize that it was the first settlement of the Swan River colonists back in 1829 and was later declared to be a city in 1929. It has a population of approximately 26,000 people. Fremantle city […]

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This is one region that occupies a large chunk of Western Australia. It stretches from  Coolgardie and towards the east to the Northern Territory and South Australia states’ boundaries. This is one area that you must ensure before you set out to visit you have enough supplies and water. There are several things to see […]

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Western Australia is one of the best destinations for anyone looking to enjoy their holidays to the full. It happens to be the most isolated state in the world but it is not by any means boring. Its capital is Perth, a city that has a country heart.

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Perth is one great destination for a person seeking to take a holiday, there are several accommodation options. Hotels is one of those options that one may pick when choosing an accommodation option in Perth W.A. some of the best restaurants that Perth has to offer are discussed below.

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Brisbane Australia is the capital of Queensland. Located in the south eastern corner of Australia, it is the third largest city of Australia. It is a city donned with great scenes, great climate, denoted by humid hot summers and dry mild winters which makes it very popular with the tourists. The city of Brisbane is […]

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The city of Brisbane is located in the south eastern corner of Australia, in Queensland. The business world of Brisbane mostly thrives in the Central Business District, which exists within a walk-able curve formed by the Brisbane River. The city is about an hour drive from the Sunshine coast.

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