This is a wonder feature that is located in Western Australia. It is specifically stretches over 100km south of Coral Bay and north towards Exmouth . ┬áNingaloo means ‘Point of Land’. This is one of the wonders of the world that has been preserved over the years. It is a coral reef that runs over 260 kilometers and one of the things that makes this very unique is the fact that you can walk from the beach to a coral reef straight. Some of the most rare species of fishes and other sea animals are found in this reef and they live well even with people’s interference as they visit the reef.

There is great variety of fishes and coral and millions of a great share of marine animals are found this reef. Some of the rare animals found here are such as the humpback whales, the dugongs, the manta rays, the whale shark is also found in this wonder of the world. The waters of Ningaloo are also breeding grounds for the whale shark that comes all the way here to breed. To get the best places to view the whales is off the Tantabiddi and Mangrove Bay areas. For your information the Whale Sharks are not dangerous they eat planktons and you can swim in the Ningaloo Reef without the fear of the sharks snapping out your life.

One of the greatest experiences in the Ningaloo Reef is the diving schools for the vast majority of visitors that come to the Ningaloo Reef and cannot swim. It is through the diving that you get the best views of the magnificient coral reef. Other ways of veiwing the reef is thrrough glass bottomed boats, there are also semi submersible boats depending on what one prefers.

From Perth the Ningaloo Reef is accessed via the Brand Highway. It is one long road drive. For those who would prefer to fly the closest point to fly to reach the Ningaloo Reef is Learmonth Airport 40km south of Exmouth. Carnarvon is 130km from Gnaraloo, 240km from Coral Bay, and 350km from Exmouth. Carnarvon does have its own coral to snorkel on, right next to shore 40km north of town at the Blowholes (Point Quobba).

The Ningaloo Reef is a must visit for anyone who is on tour in Australia it is unforgivable to leave before making a trip to the largest coral reef in the world. The one reef that is visible from space. Accomodation options in Ningaloo Reef are several.

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